Snow Globe Attendant

The Snow Globe attendant is responsible for providing a one of a kind holiday experience and unique photo for guests who visit Crocker Park. The attendant will be in charge of letting guests in/ out of the Snow Globe and taking souvenir photos. Your job will be walking the guest into the snow globe and taking the best possible photo for the holidays. Opening and Closing the snow globe, being able to interact with Crocker Park guest with a friendly attitude.


• After clocking in at Guest Services, head to the Snow Globe to either set up for the day
• Make sure security stanchions are around area of the snow globe. Use air pump to blow up Snow Globe, get camera and printer ready and warmed up.
• Make sure guests are let in/ out of the snow globe safely and without the globe deflating.
• Work with guests to stand in the proper spot and follow all snow globe rules, to ensure a great photo.
• At the end of the day, deflate snow globe and shut down camera and lock equipment up.


• Must be comfortable standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time

Dress Code:

Dress for the weather: Warm clothes, warm shoes and Crocker Park snow hat.

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