Holiday Train Driver

Holiday Train Driver

The Holiday Train Driver is responsible for driving the winter Train in a long circle, starting from Guest Services, down to Dick’s Sporting Goods, then back down, passing Cheesecake Factory, then looping around and ending in front of Guest Services.


• After clocking in at Guest Services, pick up the train from the Union Garage Maintenance Area and drive it back to Guest Services.
• Set up the security stanchions in front of the train to create a safe passage for riders, then set up a line of stanchions to ensure the riders waiting in line do not block the sidewalk.
• Open the doors for all the riders and ensure they all (adult and child) are buckled in before closing and locking the door to prevent it from opening mid ride.
• Obeying all road rules, take the customers in a large loop up to Dick’s, down to Cheesecake Factory, then back to Guest Services.
• After stopping the train, open the doors starting from the front and ensure riders exit safely.
• At the end of the day, take the train back to Union Garage.


• Have a valid Driver’s License
• Must be comfortable standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time

Dress Code:

Dress for the weather: Warm clothes, warm shoes and Crocker Park snow hat.

Interested applicants should apply online at

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