Customer Service Specialist

Duties & Responsibilities

– Create a Glamour Experience for every customer
– Greet all customers entering the store with the appropriate Beauty Brands greeting
– Promote the Take Ten program with every customer
– Ensure resolution of customer concerns to the satisfaction of the customer and Beauty Brands
– Follow company policies
– Meet attendance, punctuality, and required work guidelines
– Perform store operations procedures with accuracy
– Complete all required projects (as assigned by management) on time and with accuracy
– Support an accurate inventory process
– Assist in the proper execution of marketing plans, promotional programs, and visual merchandising standards
– Answer the phone with the Beauty Brands greeting by the third ring
– Utilize the Just Ask program and Just Ask Daily Form to support the Glamour Experience, enhance suggestive selling, and increase add-on sales goals (set by manager) using “just one more” program
– Attend a required number of Education classes (as directed by manager)
– Ensure that store safety and security measures are being followed
– Attend scheduled store meetings
– Follow the client experience guidelines, as it applies to the position


– Strong customer service, communication and interpersonal skills
– Demonstrated record of punctuality, attendance, teamwork, and ability to follow company policies

Physical Job Requirements

– Assisting in inventory – requires bending, stretching to reach shelves, and lifting merchandise
– Product receiving and preparation – opening and lifting boxes; carrying products
– Merchandising product – requires bending, stretching to reach shelves, and lifting products and fixture shelves
– Daily cleaning – wiping down shelves, windows and counters; sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, changing light bulbs, standing on a ladder

Career Progression Opportunities

– Shift supervisor
– Assistant Manager
– General Manager
– District Manager
– Technical Trainer

Interested applicant can stop in the store or callĀ 440-401-2280

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