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Crocker Park is its own neighborhood providing a venue for entertainment and shopping. All guests are to be treated with courtesy and respect. If there is an issue that cannot be immediately resolved, a Guest Services Representative should be able to direct the customer in the right direction. As a Guest Services Representative and the face of Crocker Park, it is part of your job to be updated with directions, events, and stores coming soon in or out of Crocker Park.

Responsibilities do not stop at answering the phone, selling gift cards, and helping guests. Guest Services also helps current tenants and assists the Marketing Department. All Guests Services Representatives will be expected to help out and complete assigned projects. Communication is key in the matter.

It is always important to provide excellent customer service to our guests. Employees are expected to have an excellent performance reputation and record. The following are necessary in order to maintain and promote excellence in Guest Services:

– Communicate with the other Guest Services Representatives. A closing report should be sent out every night. Send out detailed emails to let the other workers and Supervisors know what was done during your shift as well as any problems you encountered or questions you have. Include as much information as necessary – focus on the details.

– Have a positive attitude when functions or duties change. In order for changes to take effect smoothly, all employees need to work together as a team. This means finishing assigned tasks in a timely manner and not challenging or questioning the new roles and duties for Guests Services Representatives.

– Contribute ideas for ways to improve Guests Services. Email the Guest Services Supervisors for any new ideas or issues you may have.

– Follow up each day with tasks, issues, and suggestions. If you complete a project, let the manager and supervisor know. If you are unable to complete a project in one day, work on it during your next shift. Do not just let it go unfinished or assume that someone else will take care of it. If you are working on a project with a coworker, be sure to communicate.

– Always look and act professional. Each representative is provided with a uniform, and it must be worn upon arrival of every shift. Do not use cell phones, sit with your feet up, or read books or magazines during your shift. Such behavior reflects poorly upon Crocker Park. Remember phone etiquette when answering each call and always be polite. Also, remember that computers in the Guests Services Office are for work use only. Checking personal email, social media sites, or any other non-work related sites is prohibited.

– Take an active role in problem solving.

– Clean up the Guest Services Office area. We realize the office is small, but please clean up after yourselves during every shift. The representative who closes at the end of the day has a high expectation of making everything neat for the next day.

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