Hot Mama!


By Melissa Hebert
November 21, 2012
Crocker Park is getting greater Cleveland's first Hot Mama boutique. The Edina, Minn.-based company signed a lease for a store here, with a March 2013 opening planned.

"We go where the moms are," said Hot Mama founder Megan Tamte. "We want to be in the neighborhoods where moms hang out. That's why we going to be at Crocker Park."

While Hot Mama caters to moms, don't expect to find Mom Jeans.

Hot Mama is about on-trend clothes and accessories for moms who want to look in style, but don't want to look like a teenager. The Hot Mama look includes everything from leopard-print leggings to a slinky red dress to a cute jacket.

"We're about helping moms take some time for themselves," Tamte said. "Moms are important. They take care of everyone. Our job here is to help them remember they're important."

The Westlake store is part of Hot Mama's latest expansion. Hot Mama currently has 30 stores in 11 states and plans to open twelve new stores, including the Crocker Park store, in 2013.


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